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001 - Introduction/backstory: (kids-era)

EP0001 EP0002 EP0003 EP0004 EP0005
EP0006 EP0007 EP0301 EP0302 EP0303
EP0304 EP0305 EP0306 EP0307 EP0308
EP0309 EP0310 EP0311 EP0312 EP0313
EP0314 EP0315 EP0316 EP0317 EP0318
EP0319 (cover)

- 002 - Goofing off at work: (current-era)

EP0008 EP0010 EP0011 EP0012 EP0013
EP0014 EP0015 EP0016 EP0017 EP0018
EP0019 EP0020 EP0021 EP0022 EP0023
EP0024 EP0025 EP0026 EP0027 EP0028

- 003 - I'd call them your heroes, but.. (current era)
EP0095 EP0096
EP0097 EP0098 EP0099 
EP0102 EP0103 EP0104 EP0105 EP0106

Ones I need to redo: (current era)
EP0009 EP0029 EP0030

005 - Catching up: (current era)
EP0031 EP0032 EP0033 EP0034 EP0035
EP0037 EP0038 EP0047

EP 0039: Deadliest science
EP 0040: Trickster elf
EP 0041: Mail call
EP 0042: The Restaraunt at the End of the Universe
EP 0043: I can't believe it's not butter
EP 0044: Winding down
EP 0045: YOLO
EP 0046: Juggling
EP 0048: Awkward possibility
EP 0049: Panic mode
EP 0050: Emergency contact
EP 0051: Conference call
EP 0052: The build up
EP 0053: Dramatic cliffhanger
EP 0054: Starry starry night
EP 0055: Sailing rats
EP 0056: Evening plans
EP 0057: Dinner date
EP 0058: Cautiously happy p1
EP 0059: Cautiously happy p2
EP 0060: Would you kindly
EP 0061: EFS Birthday / Inventory
EP 0062: Advcie p1
EP 0063: Worries
EP 0064: EFS Storms / Misunderstanding
EP 0065: On the couch
EP 0066: Thinking and drinking
EP 0067: Where'd you go?
EP 0068: I miss you so
EP 0070: Unresolved issue
EP 0071: We kiss, we make up
EP 0072: Heroes of their own story
EP 0073: Dat backsplash
EP 0074: These things I'll never say
EP 0075: PRNDL
EP 0076: Anxiety
EP 0077: Glossophobia
EP 0078: Inconvenient rescue
EP 0079: Officially reprimanded
EP 0080: DWB p1
EP 0081: DWB p2
EP 0082: On the news
EP 0083: Pass favouritism
EP 0084: Allyoop
EP 0085: Bend it like brontosaurus
EP 0086: Decidedly untriggered
EP 0087: Nice to meetcha
EP 0088: Nicknamed
EP 0089: Really
EP 0090: We fear change
EP 0091: Lunch plans p1
EP 0092: Lunch plans p2
EP 0093: Ties p1
EP 0094: Ties p2
EP 0100: Retail bonding 
EP 0101: Retail bonding p2
EP 0107: Concern p1
EP 0108: Concern p2
EP 0109: The worst timing
EP 0110:
EP 0111: Concurrently p1
EP 0112: Concurrently p2

- 008 - Invitations: (current-era)
EP0113 EP0114 EP0115 EP0116 EP0117
EP0118 EP0119 EP0120 EP0121 EP0122

009 - Long night / Bonfire: (current-era)
EP0123 EP0124 EP0125 EP0126 EP0127
EP0128 EP0129 EP0130 EP0131 EP0132
EP0133 EP0134 EP0135 EP0136 EP0137
EP0138 EP0139 EP0140 EP0141 EP0142
EP0145 EP0146 EP0147 EP0148 EP0149
EP0151 EP0152 EP0153 EP0154 EP0155
EP0156 EP0157

010 - The morning after: (current era)
EP0201 EP0202 EP0203 EP0204 EP0205
EP0206 EP0207 EP0208

EP 0202: Taxable

011 - Cat and mouse: (current era, videogame)
EP0190 EP0191 EP0192 EP0193 EP0194

012 - Reconciliation: (current era)
EP0195 EP0196 EP0197 EP0198 EP0199

Holidays and whatever:
EP0143 EP0144 EP0150 EP0374 EP0375

013 - Learning at the library is fun: (current-era)
EP0160 EP0161
 EP0162 EP0163 EP0164 
EP0166 EP0167 EP0168 EP0169
EP0170 EP0171 EP0172 EP0173 
EP0175 EP0176
EP0177 EP0178 EP0179

015 - Investigation: (current era)
EP0181 EP0182 EP0183 EP0184 EP0185
EP0187 EP0188 EP0189

EP 0158: Floor plans p1
EP 0159:

EP 0200: The good stuff

016 - Monsoon: (current era)
EP0210 EP0211 EP0212 EP0213

017 - Tea time with the enemy: (current era)
EP0214 EP0215 EP0216 EP0217 EP0218
Ep 0249:
Ep 0250:
Fall 2014

-??? - Improvised history lesson: (Current era)

EP0351 EP0352 EP0353 EP0354 EP0355
EP0356 EP0357 EP0358 EP0359 EP0360
EP0361 EP0362 EP0363 EP0364 EP0365
EP0366 EP0367 EP0368 EP0369 EP0370
EP0371 (cover)

Brush with the past: (current era)

EP0320 EP0321 EP0322 EP0323 EP0324
EP0325 EP0326 EP0327 EP0328 EP0329
EP0330 EP0331 EP0332 EP0333 EP0334
EP0335 EP0336 EP0337 EP0338 EP0339
EP0340 EP0341 EP0342 EP0343 EP0344
EP0345 EP0346 EP0347 EP0348 EP0349
EP0350 (cover)

A big step: (current era)

EP0381 EP0382 EP0383 EP0384 EP0385
EP0386 EP0387 EP0388 EP0389 EP0390
EP0391 EP0392 EP0393 EP0394 EP0395
EP0396 EP0397 EP0398 EP0399 EP0400
EP0401 EP0402 EP0403 EP0404 EP0405
EP0406 EP0407 EP0408 EP0409 EP0410

Snowed in: (current era)
EP0420 EP0421 EP0422 EP0423 EP0424

Two shots: (various eras)
EP0372 EP0373 - Xmas 2015
EP0376 EP0377 - Mass Effect

Characters: (all eras noted)
Vesuvio Vistani (